Technology plays an essential role in today's education, because skills related to information and communications technology (ICT) will be a prerequisite for future careers. As such, Sasbadi is heavily invested in developing powerful and interactive technology to not only enhance the learning experience but also to help students develop the skills required for their future.

Working with a talented team of programmers, designers and engineers, Sasbadi has to date developed a host of cutting-edge technologies and a variety of classroom solutions that facilitate 21st century teaching and learning in Malaysia.

In time to come, we aim to be the game changer in education technology.


Sasbadi Online has a wide range of innovative technology to facilitate learning in the 21st century. Since 2011, we have been developing various kinds of digital learning aid that leverage on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Falling back on the Company's intricate knowledge of the local market, we are able to introduce products that are user-friendly, accessible and convenient to suit our students' localised needs.

We develop digital solutions and in-house apps to facilitate students' understanding and engagement during the learning process. For example, to enhance the content of our books, our apps can trigger not only audio recordings and videos but also animations or illustrations in Augmented Reality (AR). Our AR technology is developed in-house and enables us to digitally embed useful information into the user's environment in real time. This is particularly useful in helping students learn as they can visually observe 3-dimensional animations and understand complex concepts or topics. Additionally, our apps also deliver quiz games, topical challenges and other educational games to capture students' attention and interest whilst learning the subject matter.

Aside from apps, we also developed a cloud-based platform which serves as a portal for self-paced learning. On this platform, students will have their own profiles and are able to customise and decide their own methods of studying. The portal also makes available topical notes, practices, assessments, tutorial videos, and other educational aid to ensure they are equipped with the right tools for their revision.

Sasbadi Online is the subsidiary focusing on the development of our digital education solutions.

Teachers and School Managements

Backed by the Group's intricate knowledge on the needs and requirements of our local teachers, Sasbadi Online is able to create products that effectively empower teachers in their line of work.

Since 2011, Sasbadi Online has been creating digital solutions to help educators prepare and manage their lessons more efficiently. For example, we have powerful software with user-friendly interface that provide teachers a comprehensive archive of easily customisable questions. As a result, the resources needed to prepare assessment materials can be dramatically reduced.

We have also developed systems to help with class management, allowing teachers to cluster their classes via a cloud-based portal, assess their students individually and view their records with ease. These innovative technologies help teachers track their students' progress efficiently, assign work and grade students from afar and on-the-go.

The Group strives to continually develop powerful technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of teaching in the 21st century.

General Enrichment